Distance learning Meditation Instructor Certification

Fernstudium Kursleiter für Meditation

Education opportunities
Distance Learning

Duration of the distance learning course: 3 months

Weekly learning time: 10-12 hours
We recommend approx. 150 hours of processing time, corresponding to 200 UE (45 min each)

Total price for one-time payment: 369,- €


Total price installments: 390,- €
– 3 monthly installments à 130,- € (if you live in Germany)


The shipping cost of the learning materials is calculated by the shipping company DHL.

In germany the shipping is included.

Zone 1 – Within the EU | 20,00 €

Zone 2 – Switzerland & Great Britain, Zone 3 – Rest of Europe | Zone 4 – Russian Federation | 40,00 €

Zone 5 – USA, Zone 6 – North African Territories, Canada, Middle East, Parts of Asia | 55,00 €

Certificate Meditation Instructor


ZFU Siegel Zulassung Kursleiter für Meditation

ZFU-Zulassungsnummer: 7367420

Meditation Instructor Certification – Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation can also be learned very well at home through self-directed learning. The same applies to learning how to lead meditations and how to build a course.

Distance learning is practical

The practical aspect of distance learning is the independence of time and space. No matter where you are, you can take a distance learning course to become a trainer with us. Many people feel the need to organise their time in such a way that daily business and/or project-related assignments can continue during their training and further education. This is often difficult, especially if you teach courses and seminars on the weekends.

Many, too, cannot spare one or several weeks for training because they have family who need them or would like to spend the holidays with them. There are numerous advantages to taking a distance learning course.

Theory units can be integrated into your own daily routine in such a way that they can be implemented within your professional context and fit in with your habits. Study can be adapted to individual needs and the planning of the practice units can be aligned with business consideration. You yourself can determine when you want to practice relaxation.

Target group for further education – Meditation Instructor Certification

The continuing education course is aimed at all persons who would like to integrate meditation into their everyday life in order to become calmer and more relaxed.

The course “Meditation” is especially suitable for people who are not able to participate in face-to-face seminars but still want to apply the technique in their courses.

  1. Persons with an interest in meditation techniques who would like to lead courses and seminars in the future.
  2. For persons with medical-therapeutic professions (e.g. non-medical practitioners, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, midwives, health and nursing staff).
  3. For entrepreneurs, self-employed persons, freelancers especially from the teaching or consulting fields, such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong teachers, fitness trainers, yoga instructors, sports and gymnastics teachers, educators, social pedagogues, kinesiologists, health consultants, communication trainers etc. who wish to acquire competencies in the field of meditation and pass them on to their clients/participants.

This education course is also for anyone who would like to integrate meditation into their everyday life in order to become calmer and more serene. You will receive sufficient instructions for your own practice and will be able to deepen it more and more.

Professional prerequisites for this Meditation Instructor / Teacher Training

There are no specific school or training qualifications required to participate in the course “Course Instructor for Meditation”. Experience in the field of meditation is helpful, but not mandatory, as you will be able to develop your own relaxation practice during the distance learning course.

Technical requirements for the Meditation Instructor Certification

For the course, participants need a standard computer with internet access. On our online learning platform, you have the possibility to do exercises and to access links we provide and further information.


Learning script – manual: Basics and introduction to meditation

General overview of relaxation | Relaxation response | Introduction to meditation | Definition of the word meditation | Meditation in the Far Eastern tradition – Meditation in the Western world | The practice of meditation: Exercise – Posture at the beginning of meditation | Mudras | ZEN-Koan | The state of emptiness | First meditation instruction and practice | Meditation and science | Meditation instruction | Leading groups | Checking your learning success in the form of practice and submitting work on the online learning platform

Learning script – manual: Meditation: breath, thoughts, silence, mantras and mandalas

Breathing | Breath and psyche | Breath and emotions | Breath teachings at a glance | Breath and perception | Abdominal breathing/diaphragmatic breathing | The importance of breathing in relaxation and meditation | Conscious breathing/mindful breathing | Breathing exercises and breathing meditations | The importance of breathing, its symbolism and subject areas | Mantra meditation | Thoughts | Analytical meditation | Instructions and exercises for meditative practice with thoughts | Silence | Silence and meditation | How to achieve silence | Concentrative meditation | Mandalas – diagrams of the cosmos | Meditation in everyday life | Checking your learning success in the form of practice and submitting work on the online learning platform

Learning script – manual: Lessons and the trainer/teaching competence

The lesson design – The lesson structure | The general conditions of the lesson – The participants – The group size – The time – The space – The equipment – The finances – The general structure of a teaching unit

Third month | Final examination “Meditation Instructor Certificate Course”

For the successful completion of the course, an internal examination must be taken. This consists in the third month of a final paper in the form of an audio recording with an excerpt of an instruction (between six to ten minutes), which is individually reviewed and evaluated as well as the design of a course, workshop and training.

Package Certification 1: Instructor für Meditation & Mindfullness

  • Meditation Instructor – F1B
  • Mindfulness Instructor – F8A

Fee total package 1:
949,- € including Instructor Script (manual) and Certificate
(§ 4 Nr. 21 a) bb) UStG umsatzsteuerfrei).

Enrollment Package 1



In the distance learning course “Meditation Instructor”, distance learners gain comprehensive knowledge about meditation and implementing it in courses and training. On this basis, they should be able to successfully plan and conduct courses or seminars as a course instructor for meditation after completing the programme.

The advantages at a glance

  • Learning meditation step by step at your own pace
  • Acquiring sound knowledge, which you can fall back on and therefore offers progress in competence and knowledge
  • Check your learning success independently through an online learning platform


Course Fees: Listed below are the courses required for this curriculum. A list of course fees is provided at the end of each course description. All textbooks and study materials are included in the course cost.